Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all!  You know, these Friday Favorites posts aren't near as fun to write during summer break because that means I'm one more week closer to the beginning of school!  Slow down summer!

 I can't believe I've forgotten to mention this on a favorites post but I LOVE watching the Duggars....especially now that it's Counting On.  Joy's wedding was recently featured on the premiere episode and I loved it!!  Austin is the cutest and seems so genuinely sweet.  

If I had to rank the Duggar daughters based on their wedding dresses, mine favorites would be Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and then Jill.

 I've recently started watching Mallory Ervin Youtube videos, and one I watched recently was on her weight loss.  She talked about her new exercise routine for burning calories fast and I've started doing it!  You walk at a really steep incline (without holding onto the treadmill) for at least 30 minutes.  I've done this about 4-5 times so far and the spike in calories burned (based on my Apple watch) is insane!  Since I'm still a beginner, I've been walking at a 13 incline at 3.1mph for 30 minutes.  I do increase my speed the last 5 minutes to make it a little harder.  Y''s tough!  When Mallory talked about it, I thought it wouldn't be that hard but it is.  I also use that time to listen to podcasts!

 This workout tank is a new favorite!!  Guess where it's from??
My partner teacher had the cutest tank on one day at the gym and she said it was from Walmart, so I left the gym and headed straight to Walmart to buy 2 of them!  They were under $6 each!!  I sized up to get it loose and baggy since I don't like tight workout tanks.  The thin material makes it even better.  Run to your nearest Walmart to get this Danskin tank!  I told my best friend about it on the phone and she went and bought one and loves it too!

Tropical storm Cindy has hit Alabama and made her way up the state.  We had to get out of the house so we made a special trip to the book store to read magazines.  I could sit for hours and read magazines!

I know this is the weirdest thing ever to say but knowing that the Nordstrom sale is coming up has me dreaming about fall clothes!  I am loving the summer weather and summer break, but now I'm looking forward to wearing fall layers 😜

I posted Wednesday about my current wish list that I created for Dustin so he could know what to buy me whenever he wanted to buy me a gift!  I got a lot of feedback about the White peplum so let's hope it looks good on my body type!

UPDATE: My sweet friend Victoria texted me to let me know this top runs small and feels cheaply made.  I will be taking this off my list, and I wanted y'all to know in case you were thinking about purchasing!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Three Things Survey!

This week my friend Emily posted this fun little survey about herself, and I thought it would be fun to do the same!  I've got some new faces around here and this would be a fun way to tell a little about myself!  Feel free to do this survey on your blog--I would love to see how we're all similar and different!

Three things I'd never give up

Three favorite vegetables

Yellow squash

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Downton Abbey

Grey's (still on and would Shonda Rhimes please end it!)
When Calls the Heart
Three places I want to visit inside the US
New York City

the New England coast
Three place I want to visit outside the US

the UK (my English major heart gets excited about all of the literature written there!)

South Africa
Three things I always have with me
My reading glasses

Carmex chapstick
My phone
Three things that are always in my car

My old iPod
A multipurpose escape tool in case I ever get stuck in my car (thanks Rach!)
Three most recent calls were from / to

My mom

My sister
Three most often used makeup products
**I use all of my make up equally so I'll list three random products

Setting powder
Blush (color is orgasm)

Three things that make me laugh
Quoting Will Ferrell movies

Things 7th graders say/do in class
Three things that make me cry

Adoption stories

Stories of people's parents getting older
Singing my favorite songs in church

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Current Wish List

With our anniversary next month and the fact that Dustin realizes I need to be surprised with gifts since I'm always surprising him with things 😜, I've compiled a wish list of a few things I'm wanting as of late.  I'm happy to say that with the exception of the Lilly dress, EVERYTHING IS VERY REASONABLY PRICED!

**Not pictured are the gift cards I listed in my email to him (yes, he asks for an email of things I want ha): Sephora, JCrew, Nordstrom, Anthro, Lululemon

White peplum || even though they are such a staple piece, I never seem to have white tees in my closet!  This is a low peplum hem, so I think I can pull it off because peplum never seems to work for me.  Obviously I'm still trying for it to work since this is on my wish list haha!
UPDATE: My sweet friend Victoria texted me to let me know this top runs small and feels cheaply made.  I will be taking this off my list, and I wanted y'all to know in case you were thinking about purchasing!

Lilly dress || I've wanted this dress since Easter and it's been out of stock in my size in the blue until now!

Eye Brightener || I've read some great things about this under eye brightener that I want to try it in place of concealer.

Sandals || I already own this style in 2 colors so I want to add more.  These would be cute to spice up a casual outfit!

Jeans || I love a good pair of jeans and the ones I've been buying have been really, really expensive.  I thought I'd try out a less expensive pair--it has a lot of great reviews, too!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Recap: Father's Day Edition!

Happy Monday, y'all!  This weekend was jam-packed and I'm glad I have Monday to rest and recover (and do laundry, and clean, and grocery shop 😜)

Friday I headed with two friends to Tennessee to visit a pop-up flea market in Franklin.  On the way, we made a detour to Columbia to stop by The Faded Farmhouse.  It was so cute and the prices were so reasonable!

 Does this remind you of Magnolia?

 I didn't take any pictures of the inside portion of the flea market, but the outside was under a huge tent.  I ended up buying a few cute items for the house and a surprise for Dustin.

 I was most excited about the food trucks, and this was the only one that showed up!  

 Our trip home was a little dangerous and Hailey drew the short straw and got stuck in the back with the windmill ha!

 Saturday morning Dustin and I got up to go to the gym together to do some cardio.  On our way there, I had the idea to head to the river to walk so we went there instead.  I love walking by the river!

 Saturday night we did my stepdad's Father's Day at his and my mom's house.  My sister got a new camera for her photography business so we had a mini-photo shoot!

 Sunday after church we headed to my sister, Rachel's house for a Father's Day cookout for my dad!  We ate burgers, played ladder ball, and listened to great music!

And Rachel got a great shot of my dad face timing my older sister, Stefanie, who lives in Denver now.

That night we went out to eat for Dustin's dad!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites!

It's another Friday and time for another Friday Favorites post!

If you've been reading for a while, you know all about my love of all things Hallmark channel.  I love the movies--especially at Christmas!!--and the tv series they produce--When Calls the Heart is my favorite!  Since June is known as a wedding month, Hallmark has been showing a new wedding-related movie every Saturday night.  This past Saturday night's movie WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!  First of all, the two main characters are also husband and wife on When Calls the Heart so I already thought I would love it before I watched.  Molly is a marriage counselor turned bridal bootcamp instructor who teaches the fiance of a guy she danced with at a wedding.  Hallmark movies are so predictable but they are always happy endings and that's what I love--happy endings!

tank / jeans (linking the last pair) / sandals / lip stain / sunglasses
I really love this tank so much!  And this photo from Tuesday happened to be my favorite!

There's nothing better than drinking really good coffee in your favorite coffee shop while reading a really good book.  This may become a weekly treat for myself during the summer!

This article about Lysa TerKeurst's (of Proverbs 31 Ministries) divorce.  
I saw the announcement and was shocked, but then read this article and it really resonated with me.  Satan loves to see a Christian marriage crumble.  

This was my favorite part of the article:
"A really great way to hurt the Kingdom of God here on earth is to take down Christian marriages. They are a foundation of God’s work here. Christian families having children and adopting children and raising up more disciples to go out and love our fellow men…that is certainly something the Enemy would love to stop in its tracks."

Doesn't that make you want to run and hug your husband right now?  I read Dustin this article last night and we talked about it and our marriage.  Marriage isn't easy and it's takes a lot of work, but I'm so thankful that I've got a husband who puts in the work, too, and loves me unconditionally.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Day in the Life (6.13.17)

I normally do day in the life posts during school days because I'm busier and I have more activities that I'm part of, but I also wanted to be able to look back at some point on what a normal summer day was for Dustin and I the summer before I turned 30 😜

I recorded yesterday, which also happened to be one of Dustin's off days, so if he were at work then my day would have looked completely different....and maybe a little more relaxing haha!

I set my alarm for 6:30 because I'm trying to get myself back on my regular sleeping routine--which is going to bed at a decent time (and not after 11 like Monday night) and getting up between 6-6:30 AM.  I hit snooze but I got up a minute later.

 I got up, grabbed a full glass of water, grabbed the computer, and turned on the local news until the Today Show aired.  During this time I did blog ups, comment on a few blogs, and answer emails from the afternoon/night before.  Dustin woke up at 7 and joined me in the living room.

 I saw this on IG and died.  I need a little girl at some point in my life and I cannot wait to dress her in clothes like this!

 Somewhere between 7:30 and 8, I cooked my breakfast.  I normally have a slice of toast with either avocado or natural peanut butter, but this morning I wanted a different source of protein and less carbs.  By the time I eat breakfast I'm usually on my 3rd glass of water--I'm a big water drinker!  (You're also going to see me reading this book a lot this day because my bff and I are reading it and discussing it over the phone and I was behind!!)

 I ate breakfast at the breakfast table 😂😂 and kept the Today Show on so I could eat/read/listen....multitasking at its finest!

 Dustin was getting ready to leave to run some errands so I made him take a picture with me to document that we did spend the morning together haha!

He got home and decided to make his breakfast (a protein smoothie) before going to the gym (I didn't have time for the gym'll see why).  I caught him cleaning up a spill he had 🙌🙌  Good job, Dustin!!

 After he left for the gym, I continued to read (y'all, I was way behind...WAY).

While I was at the house and alone, I decided to head to my favorite local coffee shop to grab a cup and read.  It was a dream come true!  I honestly think that I could do this every week....and I might 😀  I was able to finish my required section of the book and left to go...

 to Walmart!  
I spent way more money than I thought I did #notgoodatgrocerybudgeting

 And then I also headed to Kroger because there are a few things we get there that can't be bought at Walmart.  I also buy all meat and produce from Kroger, too, but I didn't get any of that this trip.

 I unloaded groceries and made my lunch.  Dustin ate lunch with his friend after they worked out at the gym.  He invited me along but I let the boys eat by themselves 😊  Notice that this time I'm eating at the dining table--we eat at both tables daily and sometimes only eat at our dining table.

 He got home and sat at the table with me while I read The Pioneer Woman magazine and he read my state retirement system newsletter.  Yes, this is who I'm married to.  Don't ever get him started on the topic of finances.  He will talk forever.

 Then we decided to clean out the garage!!!  I thought this would be fairly quick, but no.  It took us over 3 HOURS.  I took this when we first started and I was still smiling.

 This is what Dustin had us do: take everything out of the garage and take everything off of all shelving and dust shelving plus dust all items on shelving.  I didn't know this is what we were doing.  See that wood pile under the window?  We (meaning me) also had to dust off each piece of wood, move it, sweep that area a million times until Dustin was satisfied that it was clean enough, and then restack the wood where it went.  Even I questioned this amount of cleanliness and those who know me know I am very clean.

I may get aggravated when he tracks dirt or grass into the house or when he leaves crumbs all over the countertops and I constantly go behind him and wipe them up.  But when the man gets in the mood to clean, he DEEP CLEANS.  (Quick story--after putting away all of our Christmas decorations....which I did and he stacked in the attic...Dustin wanted us to deep clean the house.  I didn't feel like it.  I can't remember where I went but whenever I got home Dustin was washing all the baseboards in the house because he was in the mood to deep clean and he had also cleaned most of our ceiling fans, so I have to remind myself of his cleaning moods even if they are few and far in between haha!!)

After cleaning I started cutting up vegetables for supper.

I called Janie while doing all of this so we could discuss our section we read in our book.  I hate living over an hour away from my best friend, but it's so nice when we still are able to do things a book study.

We ate dinner together--roasted sweet potatoes and chicken sausage with sautéed squash and zucchini from my in-law's garden!

I showered and Dustin watered the grass.

I sat down to answer and email and write this blog post!  I finally got in bed/collapsed in bed at 10!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Island Vibes in the Summertime

 tank / jeans (linking the last pair) / sandals / lip stain / sunglasses

Even though we're done with our beach trip for the summer, I'm not done with wearing beachy clothes.   I'm always on the lookout for cute, flowy tanks that I can wear during the day or out to dinner at night.  

What I love about this tank (other than its really soft fabric and its really cute print) is the fact that it has an under layer that's a little fitted.  Have you ever worn a flowy top or dress and all of a sudden a gust of wind blows your shirt or dress?  That always makes me so nervous!  Not so with this top.  Even if the wind catches it a little, I know that under layer will stay put making me feel more secure.

These jeans are also my favorite and I found the last pair on JCrew's website, so if you're petite then you're in luck!  I love a good pair of dark, skinny jeans that have a bit of stretch.

What's your favorite go to summer outfit?

(who happens to be my sister!  Thanks Rach!)

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